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happy bday to me!!
✩ all i need is @Louis_tomlinson and @Lukasmarqs ✩
Love you Louis
xxxLouis , i am a directioner xxx i write songs ,dance ,& sing xxx i do love food:) i'll answer questions anyday! ~live for the moment ~
Hey you! Are you a banker, 'cause i want you to leave me a loan):):). The number of followers doesnt make up who you are! Dont stress. LoVE ANotHeR LLAmA!
Hi my name is realnawang
TMH tour Vancouver july 27th 2013 check out my tumblr: yeah-hes-my-bitch-now and askthemightygodofthunder
✨14,Directioner,Demi Lovato,✨ . South florida
One Direction 垢 Follow me(*˙︶˙*)☆*° 2/28参戦♡
what I gotta do to please you, bastards? 0/5
makayla bullard
follow my twitter @makaylabullard // follow my Instagram @makaylabullard
Than Van Hai
ks. xây dựng
Junior Morales
Chicago| snapchat: IisaiahMorales
Heart Beats Harder
I sing with life! will marry those 4 British & 1 Irish boy from the band called One Direction (0/5)
Sarah Abernathy
Danny followed and replied 2/16/14 Mark replied 8/9/14. Let go of ordinary love because extraordinary lies ahead~Danny O'Donoghue Saw them live 5/25/15
Harry. Louis. Niall. Zayn. Liam. The 5 boys I fell in love with. Directioner for life.
Erin Ellet
8th grader @ Glenwood Middle School in
Rozana Karim
but baby runnin' after you, is like chasing the clouuuds
f:Ashlyn Reah Duncan
yeahh, i mean i love you, but it doesnt matter to you <..3
i will always support jack vidgen and his mum rachel hayton no matter what! I love one direction they are both my LIFE!
Just LOVE don't HATE...
I'm 21,Love to Roleplay and Cosplay,Also known as RavenDragon4