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BROADCAST BYTES: Is Your Game On Point?

Mega Points and Ranking with the best broadcasters!

Did you know there are Points and then there are MPoints (mega points!)? You can ONLY earn MPoints by broadcasting.

How many MP do you have? Open your Live app, and look at the item display bar below the comments - your MPs are on the far right!

When your viewers send you gifts, each item includes MPs so the more items your viewers send you, the more MP you get.  

Clap - 1 MP
Party popper - 2 MP
Fireworks - 10 MP

There’s a special ranking for MPs - it’s on the Yesterday tab in Ranking. Wanna see yourself in the rankings? Ask your audience to send you more gifts, and watch your MP score go up!  And tomorrow, check the Yesterday tab to see where you are.
MPs last for a few days and then expire.

Clap - counts for five days
Party popper - counts for five days
Fireworks - counts for ten days

So keep those MPs coming in, and we’ll see you in the Ranking!

Tune in next week for another hot tip from the TwitCasting Community Team.


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