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BROADCAST BYTES: Show a little love with Items!

Items are a great way to connect with other TwitCasters! Use items to give your fav broadcasters a gift or two!

What’s the longest broadcast you’ve done?

Comment below and tell us about it!

Continue Coins - the best way to show your fav peeps some love!
When you Go Live, you have 30 minutes to broadcast.
Continue Coins let you Go Live longer!
5 Continue Coins = 30 minutes
Every 5 coins you get adds 30 minutes, up to the max of 4 hours!

Keep those Continue Coins coming! So ask your friends and followers for coins! And when they’re on Live, give ‘em back!!! Since we give you 100 points every night….:-)

What else can I send to my fav broadcasters? Show a little love with clapping and party poppers and a lotta love with fireworks!

It just takes some points for each one:
Continue Coin - 50P
Clapping - 15P
Party Popper - 20P
Fireworks -150P

Tune in next week for another hot tip from the TwitCasting Community Team.


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