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BROADCAST BYTES: What’s Your Level?

Would you like to get into the top ten? We’re gonna tell you how and give you some tips.  

Tip one:  Get a higher level!! To see what your level is now on Viewer, touch your TwitCasting profile pic and scroll down to Level. On Broadcaster, tap the My Page icon and you’ll see your level.
To get started, GO LIVE!
The first time you Go Live, you go up one level!
To add a level, broadcast and build your audience! If you have fifteen viewers for ten minutes, you jump to the next level. The more people watching, and the longer they watch, the quicker you get to a new level!
The highest level broadcasters make it into our Weekly Ranking. Every Sunday starts a new week, and all of your activity, including comments, fans and subscribers helps to boost you !

Tune in next week for another hot tip from the TwitCasting Community Team.


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